Network Security for Peachtree Corners Businesses

Protecting your confidential data in today’s cyberthreat-ridden world is imperative. So why not do it with best-in-class, automated software that Critical Edge installs, integrates, and updates for you? We’ll equip your network, servers, and workstations with anti-virus, Intrusion Detection Systems and spam/scam filtrering software to ensure data fortification.

We’ll also assign a cybersecurity specialist to your account, meaning your network will be monitored round-the-clock by an expert, and you’ll be alerted of a data breach before any damage is done.

Our Network Security package includes:

  • Anti-virus - that automatically quarantines and removes malicious software
  • Intrusion Detection Systems - that alert you of unauthorized access within minutes
  • Spam/scam filtering - to keep your inbox clean and safe
  • Expert monitoring - to protect your network from advanced strains of malware and the latest hacks