Things we’ve learned from the Ashley Madison Hack

Maybe you haven’t heard, but the worlds largest “affair” website was recently hacked, and all the private information customers shared, was leaked and placed on display on the web for the world to see.

The site that prided itself on helping others cover their tracks is now facing glaring visibility.

Here’s some things we’ve learned over the years.

1. NEVER EVER use your work email on a private site. For Any Reason.

“According to the website Political Scrapbook, there are 92 Ministry of Defence email addresses among the leaked details. The website has found 1,716 email addresses from universities and further education colleges, using the suffix; 124 using; 92 using; 65 local education authorities and schools using; 56 National Heath Service emails and less than 50 police emails (”


2. ‘Our servers are kind of untouchable’

No one is untouchable! Ask Chief Executive Noel Biderman who used to believe this too.

3. Have safe guards in place.

Always, always take steps to protect yourself and your data. Anyone can be hacked with enough time, but just don’t leave the door open and invite the robbers in.

4. We spend hours teaching the young kids, but as adults we forget…NEVER put anything online you wouldn’t expect to get out. Trust us, it will, and normally at the worst time.

5. It’s a good day to be a divorce attorney. I guess that’s the silver lining.