Critical Edge takes on the web.

Did you know that we’ve recently partnered with the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce to help them take on the internet and social media. Our goal is to help their members stay informed and generate new business for them.

Looking to get your social media ramped up but not sure how. Here’s a few tips we’ve learned along the way.

1. Like people that like you. – People like to be liked. If that means following them on Twitter, or liking a photo, or acknowledging they wrote something. Just do it. It doesn’t take long.

2. Make accounts everywhere. –  Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instgram…Anywhere people will read it.

3. Write one, share often.  – Write one article and share it across all the mediums. Maybe someone doesn’t have facebook, but they do check twitter. You never know.

4. Find your customers. – Customers are your best source of referrals. Find them on the networks, and like them as your business. Leave reviews, everywhere you can! Then ask them to do the same for you. Make it easy for them to find you.

5. Tag Often. – When ever you can, tag a person or a business. Why? See number #1. “did you see the photo Joe was in at Critical Edge, here let me show you….” and so on. You get the idea.

6. Thank You! Anytime you can, say thank you! (BTW thanks for reading this)

Still at a loss on how to begin, call our office and ask. We’d be happy to help you too.