Critical Edge Salutes “The Tech Guys”


Since We Make Technology Work, Critical Edge has decided to salute #thetechguys in the Jonesboro Area

I think finding a “normal” photo of Robby Glasco is harder than solving world peace. You simply can’t find it. He’s always busy, always silly, always one of the go to guys for Atwill Media in Paragould since 2013.

As a Product Development Specialist Robby tends to solve problems on the web on a daily basis. “When we are wrapping up a project and we’ve met the requirements then I feel good about that—especially when what we’ve done helps someone to be more productive.”

Robby uses all sorts of tools and technology at his disposal, but whatever you do, don’t take his phone. “It’s a cliche by now, but I live and die by my phone. Aside from messaging and email, I check our sites’ analytics, keep track of our project statuses, I control my home heat and air, security system and cameras, the POS system at my wife’s business and her phone app, edit video and images, tutorials, music tools, etc.  I use it non-stop. Maybe the extra-battery-phone-case is actually my favorite.“

Critical Edge was introduced to Robby at our opening meeting of the Jonesboro Technology Group. He quickly shared our vision to bring together the North East Arkansas IT community; introduce new technologies in order to keep up with trends in the industry and foster local talent and keep it local. So we took his energy and spirit and added it to our board.

Alright Robby, one last question. Should you be able to have any piece of technology you want, what would it be?

“A single person helicopter would be fantastic. And a box of water balloons.”

Long live #theTechGuys

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