Pitfalls to avoid when investing in IT

As a business owner you have your hands full. Your staff, your clients, your family, trying to balance it all. Now you have to consider technology purchases too. You’re busy so you rush off to the local box store and pick up computers off the shelf. Then you realize they aren’t the best fit for your business. If only you had factored in the following issues:

1. Don’t buy the newest, latest, top of the line gadget the day it comes on the market.
Make sure the latest piece actually helps with what you are trying to accomplish. Make a list of results you want from your technology and make sure that each piece helps you reach those goals. Often waiting will result in less time time, energy and expense. Having a technology expert on your side helps you avoid these pit falls.

2. “Simple to use” doesn’t mean it’s easy to use for everyone. ¬†Although most items are designed to be plug and play, it doesn’t mean they will all work together perfectly. This could mean horrible things for your business. You could risk massive down time and wasted money trying to fix something you hoped would integrate seamlessly into your current workflow but doesn’t.

3. Take the training.¬†You may need this shiny new piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean your staff knows how to install it. Make sure you’ve researched if it comes with training, access to questions and answers, practical timely customer support, etc.

4. Make a budget. What are you comfortable spending? Make a budget and work within that before wildly purchasing products you don’t need.

5. Talk to your staff. You may have great ideas for the future growth of your company, but Jane in accounting needs a new printer or no one will get paychecks next week. Be sure to include everyone when you are planning your purchases and take into account needs and wants before you proceed.

All of these issues can be helped with the assistance of an IT professional. We’re here to help. Ready to sit down and plan for your future growth? Give us a call at 870-336-0707.