Things we’ve learned from the Ashley Madison Hack

Maybe you haven’t heard, but the worlds largest “affair” website was recently hacked, and all the private information customers shared, was leaked and placed on display on the web for the world to see. The site that prided itself on helping others cover their tracks is now facing glaring visibility. Here’s some things we’ve learned […]

Your technical issues may not effect the globe like this one.

Technical issues happen. They are nasty little viruses that just eat away at your network, then suddenly without warning. BAM! Your network may go down suddenly. Or something may happen to your files. Don’t think it will happen to you?Check out what happened Saturday to Travelers across the globe: I happened to be traveling […]


Google is Now Alphabet

The huge news in all things web this week is Alphabet! Google co-founder Larry Page announced the creation of the new parent company to represent the collection of all the other companies Google has founded since its inception. Google will be the largest of the companies under the Alphabet umbrella—it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary […]